Monday, August 20, 2018

TPCN Spotlight Blog: North Texas SPI Tiffani Dorman

Hello everyone!!! It’s me Tiffani!!! Well, here is goes….I was born and raised in Pontiac, MI. I moved to Texas at 20 years old and have been here 13 years!!!!   It took me a while to get use to Dallas. Honestly, I think I just became a little more country. HA!

Some of the things I really enjoy are travel, hanging out with my family and friends, brunch (I’m a foodie!), going to church and Christian events. I love to try new things within reason (not trying to die! lol). I also really enjoy the ballet, R&B music, some rap, worship, and gospel music.
My friends think I’m funny, probably because I tend tell the truth without a filter and I add a little drama. The truth can be a bit funny!

 Here is my most memorable nursing story: A homeless middle aged AA gentleman with HTN was unable read. We spent a great deal of time creating symbols to put on his bottles to help him be compliant. Time with him meant a lot.
Here is my craziest nursing moment: A patient literally stood up, pulled down his pants and pooped in the chair while I was getting his vital signs. And this was no small amount of poop either! Yuck!

The things we deal with every day can be incredible grueling tasks, but in the end it is all worth it to make a difference in someone's life!