Monday, December 23, 2013

Beware of Popular Laundry Packs that Resemble Candy

Poison control centers want you to be aware of popular laundry packs that can pose serious risks to children. These single-dose detergent capsules have a candy-like appearance and consist of a highly concentrated liquid that dissolves in the washing machine. But because they are so colorful and soft, they are attractive to children and become a possible poison in the home.

If a child were to put the laundry detergent packs into their mouth, it could cause a child to become very ill and possibly even require hospitalization. Poison centers to date have dealt with over 9,000 cases of kids five or younger being exposed to these single-load laundry packets. In some cases, children have gotten it into their eye causing severe irritation.

When a person swallows conventional laundry detergent, it can cause mild stomach problems- but this is not the case with the new laundry packs. Some children who have gotten the product in their mouths have had excessive vomiting, wheezing and gasping. Some get very sleepy. Some have had breathing problems serious enough to need a ventilator to help them breathe. There have also been reports of corneal abrasions (scratches to the eyes) when the detergent gets into a child’s eyes.

According to poison control officials, there has already been at least one fatality from the ingestion of these laundry packs. These laundry packs can be very dangerous for children. Here are some tips on how to keep these out of your child’s reach:

-       Keep detergent locked up out of sight and out of their reach

-       Always follow instructions on a product label

-       If you think your child has been exposed to any laundry detergent, but especially the highly concentrated laundry detergent packs, call your local poison center immediately at 1-800-222-1222. 

For more information on these laundry detergent capsules, please visit or call 1-800-222-1222.

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