Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Dangers in Storing Substances in the Wrong Container

If we have not done it, we know someone who has done it. It can be a harmless mistake that could ultimately lead to a fatal one. What am I talking about? I’m talking about storing medications, chemicals or cleaning products in containers that are not their original containers.

-        These are just a few of the numerous reasons items should be stored in their original container: When you keep items in their original containers, then you still have access to directions and other information that is listed on the product. If you had an item stored in another container, then you would not have access to this information.

-       Many products and medications have a child-resistant top on the containers. These tops are created this way on purpose- to keep you and your little ones safe. If you put the item in another container, then it loses the child-resistant top which makes it easier for children to get into dangerous substances.

-       When you keep the medication or product in its original container, then everyone will always know what is in the container, including guests and babysitters. Don’t cause an accidental ingestion of a product because it was not in a proper container.

When the Poison Control Public Educators are out teaching public education, they will often bring along with them several examples of how substances and medication can look very similar. By showing these examples, the public can see how important it is to keep substances in their correct containers. Below is an example of substances that could be mistaken for something else:

See how similar these products look?

Remember, it is important to keep items in their original containers for everyone’s safety and health! And remember, if you do come in contact with a potential harmful substance, please do not hesitate to contact the poison control number at 1-800-222-1222. They are here to help you!

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