Monday, November 4, 2019

TPCN SPI Spotlight: Cristie Bradshaw

1. Tell me your history with poison control and how you became a Specialist in Poison Information (SPI). (Length of time worked there/background/passion for this, etc.) 
I started my career with TTUHSC in a max security TDCJ unit, in high security. I knew I didn’t belong there, and Poison Control rescued me- whew. Yay! I have been a nurse for 26 yrs, CCU, home health and pre-auth nurse for an insurance company. I’ve been here a total of 14 years.

Cristie with her husband Tom.
2. I’m sure you hear a lot of interesting stories when answering calls, but what is one story that sticks out in your head that might have been scary, but turned out funny and/or everything worked out after the call. 
I mostly remember the tragic ones, sad but true.

3.What do you think people need to know about the people who answer the phones for poison control? 
We are nosy by nature in this line of work, we’re not interrogating you, we just need the facts ma’am, just the facts--that helps us provide the most appropriate treatment recommendations.

4. What do you enjoy most about your job and why? 
The schedule, gives me time for “life”.

5. Why do you think it is important for people to have poison control as a resource for emergency help? 
Save money and precious health care/emergency provider man power.

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